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Project Cargoes

Breakbulk, bulk and special project cargoes,oversized cargoes are the most difficult cargoes to handle and move. Such cargoes require special planning and expertise to generate and coordinate the best logistics for the loading and discharging from the vessel. Janmar knows and understands the complexities of these cargoes and provide customers and ocean carriers well-implemented transport handling solutions.

We do match the right equipments, labor force and expertise that is necessary to ensure the cargo is handled correctly and safely.

We carefully plan assignments and processes to accommodate the size, weight and quantity of cargo and ensures most convenient transition between ocean, terminal and land transportation.

Our company and its experienced team provide not only safe and correct operations but also do investigate the fastest way to complete the loading/discharging operations which will enable customer not to pay any extra demurrage or storage due to prolonged waiting time. We do offer wide range of services such as stevedoring, bagging, cargo surveying, fumigation

Proje Yükleri   Proje Yükleri

Proje Yükleri   Proje Yükleri